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In addition to pioneering creative content and pro activism talent, the EcoKnowMix initiative researches and executes voluble preventive as well as solution systems. The Summit &  Reform-A-Nation Series understands lifeblood of our civilization is its finance meaning the “currency” that is the flow of energy as goods, services, real or perceived values, how it is invested,  sourced manufactured, distributed, sold,

and consumed, replenishable… ethically,  Geared to be one of the most dynamic platforms to hybridize public and private sector resources with non-profit organizations and entities that promote conscientious investment, approaches, and accountability in preserving our environment, providing justice, equity, and empowerment of minorities and women.

Climate change (or more accurately, calamity) is intertwined with social issues such as Racial Justice because many existential threats we face stem from attitude problems: erroneous information, compromised value systems, and abuse of power. Even the overt or unconscious bias of racism, on the surface that seems to be merely skin-deep, can be linked to socioeconomic tribalism.  The summit and series initially focus more on the entertainment, fashion, in conjunction with technology, and food industries,  because (a) only are this one of the highest culprits of pollution, but (b) also inadvertently feed the pipelines of economic disparity,  child labor, and human trafficking, but (c) literally set the trend, image, perceived values, and tone for global pop (ular) culture consumerism to follow and emulate. Most all of these man-made calamities can be minimized, managed, or even un-made to a great extent by raising awareness of how interconnected and interdependent we are. The EcoKnowMix , Reform-A-Nation documentary Series,   profiles and promotes the own and conscientious influencers content creation, ethical certification programs, Eco passion Fashion shows, YogaThon and virtual think tank summit tours, and more,  provides global cross-branding sponsorships, content creation, awards, and fundraising opportunities with a high profile panel of experts, talents, and entities that invest into solving to some of our greatest collective challenges such as human rights violations, racism, animal cruelty and climate calamity. We have the power to choose as individuals and as a collective society, who or what do we pay attention to and our will currency towards. Identifying, understanding then managing to cope with our collective traumas, ( some would even say karma), maybe the axiom of unifying, evolutionary opportunities with the crisis. Do we divide and consume recklessly or unity and multiply.. take for oneself alone or share? We know and we can and unequivocally must do better because our very lives and the future literally depend on it now.  Let’s save our world with style! To get involved, volunteer, sponsor donate participate.

As we push towards Eco-Living & Racial Reform globally, the climate crisis the world is facing changes.  From the melting of the polar regions, which threatens to raise sea levels and cause coastal flooding to climate change making the weather patterns unpredictable and more violent.

The global crisis includes water, food, the environment and now since the pandemic of 2020 it includes education, housing, finance, and health just to name a few of the areas affected.

From Emmitt Till to George Floyd Racial Justice Reform has been a never-ending battle in the world today.  These are names that we know; but countless others have gone unnoticed and unrecognized.  There are many people who have unjustly lost their lives and their freedom due to unfair practices, laws, and procedures.

Dr. Sanjanaa Jon,Obie Anthony,Susan Mellon

The culmination of each tour is The International Innovators Awards Official Nominee Event and The Awards Show which recognizes those Innovators making a difference.  We will announce the opening of the official awards nomination soon.

The EcoKnowMix Summit Series Tour brings the two concepts together: Eco-Living + Racial Justice Reform with support of COVID Relief.  This Livestreamed event will include The International Yogathon, The Summit & The Fashion Mix. 

The content from each of the events will be produced in a documentary based on the tour and the International Innovators Awards Nominees and Winners.  The Children of the Pandemic Documentary.

This exclusive international event

will provide the opportunity for those who have the most influence around the globe a platform to Speak, Entertain and Support the causes at hand.  If you are an Influencer, a Speaker, Filmmaker, Musician, Model, Designer… the list goes on we would like to hear from you.  Participation and In-Person attendance spots are limited!

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The cultured & conscientious event on the market, The EcoKnowMix Summit Series Tour will begin November 13 – 14, 2021 at the Malibu Estate of Dr Amarjit singh Marwah .  Known as the Dentist to the stars, Dr. Marwah is a Howard University of Dentistry Alumnae, philanthropist, the first Sikh Commissioner of LA; the first man to build a Gurdwara in the U.S.  An over 50-year resident in the Malibu community, Dr. Marwah came to LA on a Fulbright Scholarship in 195O.  He is known as the Dentist to such Hollywood legends as, Elizabeth Taylor, Sidney Poitier, Muhammad Ali, and Gregory Peck just to name a few. His breath-taking $500 million Malibu Estate is the venue for this unique event. 

As The Tour Travels It Will Make Stops In New York, NC, Georgia, Fl, Texas, India, The Bahamas, And More!

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