Save The Planet With Style!
Save The Planet With Style! EcoVVear + DeRacism. Justice ForOm at the Marwah Estate, Malibu Ecovvear
Dr. Sanjanaa Jon,Obie Anthony,Susan Mellon

DeRacism adds another layer of significance to the event, aiming to raise awareness about social justice and equality. Workshops, discussions, and art installations will focus on addressing racial disparities and promoting inclusivity, fostering meaningful conversations within the community.

Save The Planet With Style! EcoVVear + DeRacism. Justice ForOm at the Marwah Estate, Malibu

Save The Planet With Style!” is an innovative event merging fashion, environmental awareness, and social justice. This groundbreaking gathering, titled EcoVVear + DeRacism: Justice ForOm, will take place at the scenic Marwah Estate in Malibu.EcoVVear is at the heart of this event, showcasing sustainable fashion that emphasizes ethical production and eco-friendly materials. Attendees will witness a dynamic runway featuring clothing that combines style with a commitment to reducing the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.

The picturesque Marwah Estate in Malibu serves as the backdrop for this transformative event, adding a touch of natural beauty to the cause. “Save The Planet With Style!” strives to not only educate but also inspire individuals to make informed choices that positively impact both the environment and society, proving that change can indeed happen with style and purpose.

The Justice ForOm is a central forum where activists, thinkers, and influencers gather to discuss pressing environmental and social challenges. By bringing together these two crucial facets—ecological consciousness and anti-racism efforts—the event aims to encourage collective action for a better, more sustainable, and equitable future.

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